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It's short, but nice! The music compliments the mood of the game amazingly and the graphics are cute! I love it! <3

Short, but I love it. Very nice ;D


This is such a nice little game ^-^ I love the art and the message. I wish there were some sounds or music to go along, especially at the end to make it even more impactful like a spark or something magical yanowaimean? Yeah, so, game good, make more please uwu


Aww, thank you! 

The music is working on my end, but I'll see if there's anything I need to fiddle with. I definitely want to learn how to incorporate individual sound effects in the future ^-^ 

Thank you for the feedback <3 

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oh wow, I must have missed it - I was playing on my iPad so that's probably why I didn't hear the music :) I'll try again when I'm on my computer (which is now, I'm saying I will try it now)

edit: yes I hear it now, It works, can confirm. It's very simple(the music) but it does a lot to set the mood for the game. I'm looking forward to your future projects <3